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An average working day

There are basically three places to work. Our office, one of our partner's offices and a home office. The framework depends on the subject and your manager, but the weekly schedule is usually up to you.

Typically, on office days, you'll talk through what's happening with your colleagues on a particular client or system. If you're a partner, you take time to meet with clients and present the results. The rest of the time, you work on your development.

There's no strict timetable for the day, but the aim is to keep you focused on your work during working hours, so you don't have to work overtime.

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Mentor programme

The vast majority of our colleagues came to us having never programmed before. It's not an exaggeration, it's true.

The reason is that we firmly believe that soft skills are more important than physical skills. The former is very difficult to learn, the latter can be acquired and developed quickly with good training and mentoring.

We have a very strong tradition, experience and ready-made teaching materials and plans because of the many people who want to learn. Because it is in our interest to help you create as much value as possible as soon as possible, we give you all the support we can.


Continuous growth

Continuous mentoring results in continuous growth. Once you understand the basic processes and operations, you will be able to learn on your own.

Later on, the mentoring will be more in the form of group training sessions, which will be recorded and you will have access to these materials afterwards. Our assignments and projects are very varied and we try to provide opportunities to learn new systems and to carry out independent projects.



Our culture is one of development, collaboration and a supportive environment. We try not to "overdo" team building, but we do occasionally organise sessions where attendance is up to you. This way we don't create strong expectations, but we give you the opportunity to feel like you're part of a team.