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We integrate your different software tools into one easy-to-use solution in just 10 weeks.

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Reduce software costs
number of systems

your business processes

Provide a real-time view of all your business activities


Progress requires improvements, which your software system must keep pace with.

As a fast growing company, IT support and business processes may not be as consistent and integrated as they should be.

Instead of using dozens of out-of-the-box applications or other solutions, wouldn't it be more efficient to have one tool that consolidates and simplifies all your business processes?


We integrate all your software tools into a personalised application.

As an IT systems integrator, we help business leaders like you consolidate and simplify their business processes.

Discover how much more efficient it is to work with a single integrated system!


30-minute free consultation

Book an appointment for a free 30-minute consultation, where we will give you a deeper insight into how we can create a customized integrated system for you in less than 10 weeks!


Where to start?

As a starting point, we suggest you look at our three service packages below and decide how far you want to go with your current needs.

Process mapping

The service package includes the following services:

The information we receive will be checked against the data we have on file at your company. If there is a discrepancy between the information we receive and the databases we check, we will try to resolve it and provide you with the results in the form of a document.

System design

The service package includes the following services:

Through understanding your company's operations, data and processes, we will create a new system design that can form the basis for the development of a custom enterprise management system.

Custom application development

The service package includes the following services:

Based on our complex business needs analysis, in just 10 weeks we develop an easy-to-use web application that integrates and manages all the business data and processes within your company.


Enter the world of automation and low-code!

Use custom software with custom support!

If you need help or have questions...


Do you still have questions?

Bespoke software does indeed require bespoke handling. The use of our "low code" framework allows the customer to further develop the software we have created. Either with our own developer or with the help of another company.

We also provide an ongoing support service that our customers are very happy with.

Data security has become one of the most important issues today. Our company does not operate servers, but our partners have the possibility to run our software and databases in their own server environment from day one.
At the same time, there are a number of cloud-based services available, where services are available to our customers at very affordable prices and in the most secure way possible. This puts you in control of the system and your data from the moment you start.

In Hungary, Oracle's low-coding-demand framework is still less widespread, but it already has tens of thousands of developers and millions of users worldwide. At the same time, Oracle has been the world's leading relational database developer for decades. It is this experience that makes our preferred technology competitive and of such high quality.

Our projects are characterised by a data-driven approach. Our primary goal is to organise our customers' data into appropriate relations, table structures, which will then fundamentally determine the software's operation and business processes.

This is why the technology we use is data-driven, database-driven, to support this approach quickly and efficiently.

The Oracle APEX framework is free of charge within very broad limits. Because we develop in a customer hosted environment, our work is completely transparent. And because of low code technology, development times are also very short, leaving no significant room for deviation from customer requirements.

As the business environment changes, the company evolves and everything can always be done more efficiently, albeit at a lower intensity, we recommend that improvements continue. In this way, the situation that made consolidation necessary will not re-emerge.